Digital Front-end design
Digital Verification
IC Mask/Layout design
Physical design
Layout Design Expertise  
The layout team has experience in handling highly challenging tasks with top notch quality and within the schedule. Expert in Analog, Mixed signal and Digital layout designs.  
Verification and Tape-in Checks  
Verification being an indispensable part of Layout design process , the team has expertise in solving complicated layout verification problems in LVS, DRC, DFM, Extraction, ESD and latchup checks.  
  Technology and Foundry
  The team members have executed projects for top notch semiconductor industries in the world, which gives them expertise to execute projects in the technology nodes ranging from 500nm to the latest 16/14/10nm (finfets). The team has exposure to the industry renowned foundries such as that of TSMC, Intel, Texas Instruments,Global Foundary,Samsung,Infineon Technolgies, Cypress Semiconductor.
  Tools Expertise
  The team has experience in industry standard tools used for Layout editing, verification and extraction. These include: Cadence Virtuoso, Virtuoso XL, Slam layout editor for layout editing. Calibre, Hercules, Assura, Star RC-XT for verification and layout extraction. Skill and TCL programming for layout design automation