Digital Front-end design
Digital verification
IC Mask/Layout design
Physical design
IC Layout Design Services  
We offers wide range of services to the semiconductor companies in building their IC layouts which includes :  
Full chip design :  
Custom full chip layout integration and verification( DRAM, Analog , Digital chip).  
  IC layout design :
  Different analog modules such as Opamps, Bandgaps, Charge pumps, LDOs, Biasgenerators, Regulators etc.
· High speed Analog (SERDES)   · LC and Ring Osc ( 5GHz to 28GHz)
Power Management modules   · Data Converters (ADCs, DACs )
Memory : DRAM and SRAM from leaf cells to top level integration.   Different IOs such as LVDS , MRAM, FSUSB, PHYs etc.
· Standard cells library development.    
  The Team has exposure to the latest process till 7nm Finfets and to most of the leading foundary in the world . The team is competent in executing IC layout design from module level to full chip level.