Digital Front-end design
Digital Verification
IC Mask/Layout design
Physical design
We are Training Partners , Sales Representative and local Tech support for below listed tools in INDIA
Stabie-Soft EDA products:
· Slam-Edit (IC Layout editor)   · FLVS (Layout Vs Schematic)
· Scheture (Schematic Editor)   · FDRC (Design Rule Checker)
· Secours (Schematic driven Layout)   · XTK (Short Locator)
WIPL-D Softwares:  
High Frequency Modeling and Simulation Software  
· WIPL-D Pro   · Time Domain Solver
· WIPL-D Pro CAD   · AW Modeler
· WIPL-D Microwave   · Filter Designer
· WIPL-D Optimizer   · Array Designer